If you need to file a Bk I recommend LA LEGAL LAW FIRM they was great in handling my case. Kept me informed in my case! Rachel was awesome and her staff is wonderful as well

Violet R.


I had an issue with dual tracking. The lender would state they’re working with me, yet would request more and more documents from me after sending them everything they need. After contacting LA Legal, they were able to come down on the bank and inform them my rights were being violated. My loan was reinstated and I was able to refinance with a different lender. Great customer service and very responsive.

Brenda M.


I was in need of some financial advice and looked to La Legal Law Firm for help. Lucky for me, I was first put in touch with Josh who was extremely friendly and easy to talk to. He made me feel very comfortable with the whole situation I found myself in, and introduced me then to Brandon who was extremely professional and offered excellent advice and legal care. He got the job done in a timely manner, as well provided me a sense of ease that I hadn’t thought I’d find while dealing with legal matters. I highly recommend this shop for your financial/legal woes as they are above board and very helpful, not to mention, very reasonably priced. Worth the money! Hopefully I won’t require these services again, but if I do, I’m keeping Brandon’s business card on file. Thanks for everything fellas!

Mark A.


Very competent. Law firm Direct , to the Point, and gets through the weeds quick. Even with an unethical no conscience respondent. You get what you pay for Worth your time if you need a great lawyer for foreclosure call LA Law.

Mark F.


La Legal helped us with several situations that our home was in involved in. We received positive results while working with La legal law firm their representation and support was Outstanding ! I really enjoyed working with Liz because she is very professional, but also very calming and relaxing to talk to. She always kept in contact with us and she worked with our budget. I am very grateful for Liz and what she did for us. I highly recommend La legal law firm.

Thanks La Legal

Joyce R.


We searched all over the internet and this place was the best choice even though I live 1 hour away from here.
I commuted several times and they checked for every details to make it flawless.
I would recommend to anyone if they need help in foreclosure defense

Evetta C.


From consultation and throughout to the conclusion of the bankruptcy process, Laleh and her staff provided excellent service! Very pleased and would recommend to family and friends.

Tom M.


Helpful and knowledgeable attorney and staff. They were very efficient and creative at finding practical solutions, would highly recommend.

Ellie D.


We had our property taken away from us so I reached out to LA Legal Law Firm! They are the Best! Josh took the time to explain everything to me and helped me get my house back from the bank. Great Law Firm!

Angela R.


Brandon is extremely helpful and you can tell that he really cares about his clients! Brandon took his time when explaining my options and did not make me feel rushed, educating me on the various items I needed to know and addressing them on what my best next steps should be. Thanks for everything!!

Jules O


Laleh is Amazing attorney. Does what she said she would do. Kind, responsive, and knows her stuff!! She went above and beyond to help me. You won’t be disappointed!

Robert H.


I would like to express my respect to the team of La Legal Law Firm I had a severe Auto Accident and I got prompt and efficient support. John helped me to pass through those challenges.

Strongly recommend LA Legal Law for professional law support.

Best wishes and good luck,

Timothy T.


We have been battling the bank to save our home from foreclosure for the last 3 months.Rachel was very helpful and responsive to my requests. Liz was very helpful in her assessment of my situation and was able to provide some strategic guidance on how to best approach the scheduled trustee sale. She is very knowledgeable in securitization fraud and is a true advocate for the American homeowner; as opposed to the common short sale factory. Most realtors and attorneys, solely offer the short sale approach; LA legal Law Firm understands the dynamics of the mortgage banking system and recognizes the rights that homeowners have to save their properties from the grips of the predator, mortgage banking cartel. We are in the arena battling the bank as I type LA legal Law firm have been very attentive in following through and exceeding expectations. My experience up to this point has been excellent and if you’re desperately seeking an advocate who understands the crimes of the banks and how to engage them call LA legal Law firm

Chester N.


Let me start by saying when I first spoke to a legal representative, she told me their firm makes lenders cry. I didn’t quite know what that meant at the time but after getting my loan reinstated along with lower mortgage payments, I understood what she meant! This is a top notch Firm. A special thank you for Rachel, Brandon, and my favorite case manager Liz! Who was so nice and helpful the entire process. They made the best situation out of an awful hardship. I highly recommend them to anyone and would be happy to speak with anyone considering retaining them, you’d be pretty crazy not to!

Donna R.


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I am so happy that I was connected with Josh and Brandon! They went above and beyond for me. They were even able to get me extra on my settlement. They were always there when I needed them. If you don’t use LA Legal, you are making a mistake. I will recommend them to all my family and friends!!

Eric B.


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My account manager was Liz Gomez, she took the time to answer all my questions and kept me in the loop with my case. She is an amazing rep!

Barbara M.


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Brandon helped me with my case. He was very attentive to my requests, and concerns. He explained the whole process to me and handled every aspect of my case, making things very seamless. If I need any help in the future, I know who I’ll call!

Cheryl R.


Mr. Hammonds helped me dispute my property in foreclosure. The lender put me through great stress I didn’t think I would ever resolve the issue. I felt after spending so much time going back and forth with my lender, they weren’t going to help me. I was referred to LA Legal, who took my case right away. They were able to reinstate my loan and I was able to keep my home! We are very thankful for all the help and professionalism.

Jeremy D.