Most people suffer a serious injury at least once in their lives, but nothing can prepare a person for the struggles that personal injury victims and their families are forced to endure. The financial expenses are bad enough, but when you factor in the physical and emotional toll of recovery, these instances can wreak havoc on the lives of everyone involved.

Victims go through an array of emotions and struggles as they try to make the best decisions for themselves and their families under such difficult circumstances, but all too often, they make mistakes that jeopardize their ability to obtain compensation and hold the wrongdoer accountable for their actions.

Our personal injury attorneys in Orange County have been assisting victims of serious injuries for more than 34 years. Our Newport Beach office has helped victims and their families obtain more than $1 billion in compensation for the damages they were forced to endure.

You may think that hiring an Orange County personal injury attorney isn’t going to solve your problems, and you may be right, but if you don’t speak with a lawyer and have your case evaluated, you put yourself and your family in a very risky situation.

What if your injuries do not heal? What if you have permanent damage? That little ache in your back or the pain in your leg could be a lifetime injury, one that you have to prepare to treat for your entire life.

These situations are all too common. If you do not take the necessary steps you could easily lose out on your ability to obtain compensation or put yourself in a position to receive FAR less compensation than you would otherwise.

Our mission at LA Legal Law Firm is to aggressively protect the rights of personal injury victims. Our firm works exclusively with those injured from car accidents, dog bites, vehicle rollovers, product liability, catastrophic injury, brain injury, premises liability, wrongful death as well as other types of injuries.

Injury victims need advocates that know how to obtain the maximum compensation possible. You can ensure your case will be handled by an experienced, proven veteran of personal injury law while we provide you with the service that has been trusted by Newport Beach locals, as well as Orange County and California victims for decades.

You may even lose your right to bring a claim if you do not meet deadlines that are imposed by California law.

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