Property Management Services

LA Legal Law Firm has always provided a large range of real estate management services to owners and investors of every type of residential and commercial properties. If you are responsible for a small association, or a 2,000-unit building, our offices have the expertise specifics for your property management needs. Our attorneys have successfully managed rental units as well as diverse homeowner associations for several years efficiently and effectively. Our main Goal is to make property owners HOA boards members job easier.

Property Rental Management Services

LA Legal Law Firm provides outstanding management services to property owners all over California; we have listed a few of the services you can expect from our attorneys and amazing staff:

buletiRental collection and accounting

buletiPayment of all property related bills

buletiLease contract services

buletiComplete eviction services

buletiTenant selection and screening

buletiCoordinate and oversee all maintenance

buletiLandscaping services

buletiAll legal notice

buletiEliminate property owner

buletiProfessional HOA management services

Professional HOA Management Services

The legal representation of the home owners associations is typically tailored to the specific needs of our consumers. LA Legal Law Firm attorneys can be involved in day to day operations of the home owner associations. Some services we provide to our consumers include:

buletiAttendance at board meetingsreal-estate

buletiPrepare agenda for meetings

buletiPrepare and achieve board meetings minutes

buletiPrepare notices to homeowners

buletiManage voting procedures and processes

buletiServe as legal counsel to board

buletiHandle any HOA litigation

buletiOversee venders

buletiCollection of dues

HOA and Property Management Professionals

During these difficult times, it is critical for any HOA or Property owner to have a legal partner to turn to. LA Legal Law Firm attorneys have been involved in management for a very long time. Our attorneys can also help you avoid legal issues in the first place with our recommendations.