Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Newport Beach Motorcycle AccidentPer the Center for Disease Control, over the last few years, per annum statistics indicate that upward of 34,000 motorcyclists are killed, and 1.25 million individuals are seen in the emergency department as a result of injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents.

Following a collision, you need an experienced motorcycle attorney to ensure you and yours obtain the compensation needed to cover medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.

Following are some examples of the potential types of motorcycle accidents that may occur:

Involving other parties:

  • Blind spot collisions (“I did not see the bike”)
  • Rear-end collisions (cars hitting motorcycles)
  • U-turn accidents
  • Left-turn collisions
  • Motorcycle Lane Splitting crash.
  • Motorcyclist Speeding
  • Motorcyclist Alcohol Use

Involving the rider:

  • Obstructions on roadways or hazardous roads
  • Accidents caused by defective motorcycle parts (product liability case)
  • Collisions between motorcycles and fixed objects
  • High Performance Motorcycles (due to high speed and racing)

Newport Beach-orange-county-motorcycle-accident-lawyerIn short, many motorcycle-car accidents are the result of car drivers not taking care to ensure that a motorcycle is not present before pulling out of a spot or changing lanes. Whether at an accelerated or decelerated rate of speed, such collisions can lead to significant physical and property damage for the motorcycle.

As you can probably imagine, the majority of motorcycle accidents involve cars rather than other motorcycles. Much of this renewed public safety urgency concerning being aware of motorcyclists has been directed not to motorcyclists but rather to car drivers. Despite the fact that car drivers have no more of a right to be on public roads than those who ride motorcycles, there is often a public presumption that car drivers are the presumed dominant group of our roadways. Often times, this can lead to a culture in which motorcyclists are treated as second class citizens rather than as equals with car drivers.

How We Can Help

We do not want you or your family to suffer in silence because a car driver, for instance, did not take care or acted negligently when sharing the road with you.

A motorcycle has every right to be on the road and should be respected as a normal vehicle would be. Given that the rider made proper precautions, motorcycle accidents where our clients are victims are pursued to the furthest extend of the law in California.

Our Newport Beach motorcycle accident attorneys will rigorously advocate for you in a court of law to ensure that you get the legal support you deserve so that you can get the financial compensation that you require to move on and help pay for medical and other daily living as well as post accident expenses.

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