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Fax or Email Conditional Documents listed below within 72 hours:

  1. Copy of most recent 30 days proof of income
  2. Copy of most recent 60 days bank statements for all accounts
  3. Copy of most recent Mortgage Statement with Loan Number present
  4. Hardship Letter- this must be signed
  5. Copy of Social Security Awards Letter (if applicable)
  6. Profit and Loss Statement YTD- for the self-employed only
  7. Copy of most recent Utility Bill (water, gas or electric)
  8. List of all monthly expenses
  9. Lender Packet- provided by our firm (contains 4506T form, Request for Mortgage Assistance and Uniform Borrower’s Assistance Forms)
  10. Copy of Lease if receiving Rental income
  11. 2012 and 2013 full tax returns- sign the 1040 Schedule on BOTH returns
  12.  Copy of W2 from Employer for most recent year
  13.  Copy of Driver’s License or State Issued Identification Card

Fax Documents to: 800-509-5370

Email Documents to:

Find below contact info for your legal team:

LA Legal Law Firm Corporate Information:
3991 MacArthur Blvd Suite 400 Newport Beach CA 92660
Toll Free Phone: 800-277-0490 I Emergency Direct Line: 800-805-5817
Fax: 800-509-5370
LA Legal Law Firm Legal Department Email:

Lead Counsel / President:
Attorney: Laleh Ensafi | State Bar License No: 278917
Direct Phone: 949-354-5606
Fax: 800-707-1217

Case Processing Department & Documents:
Legal Dept Processing Manager: Elizabeth Gomez
Toll Free: 800-805-5817
Fax: 800-509-5370

Customer Service Manager:
Office Manager: Jessica Johnson
Direct Line: 949-284-6540
Fax: 800-509-5370

Billing, Payments & Accounting Department:
Office Manager: Sarah Peters
Direct Line: 949-284-6541
Fax: 800-509-5370