Stop Foreclosure Sale Date or Trustee Sale.

buletiWe can stop or postpone delay the sale for you!  Even if it’s being sold tomorrow!

buletiNo upfront costs – You don’t pay if we don’t delay your sale!

buletiWe can delay your trustee sale from up to 6 months depending on your given situation.

buletiOur program is 100% guaranteed. You don’t pay unless your sale date is postponed.

Stop foreclosure today! Our foreclosure defense attorney contacts the trustee and demands that they verify a comprehensive list of issues related to the legal nature of the foreclosure proceedings enacted by the lender and the trustee. We challenge the trustee on a set of legal procedures used to compel the trustee to verify that the property owner’s rights were protected throughout the foreclosure process. Once the trustee is challenged with a violation, they must postpone the sale date in order to have sufficient time to verify the challenge or be held liable.

Trustees do not want to be held liable for a wrongful foreclosure. Trustees will not foreclose on the property if there is a potential violation pointed out to them prior to the Foreclosure Auction Sale Date. Trustees are incredibly busy and generating huge profits so they will continually postpone the sale date with adequate time to research and respond to the issues raised.  Our demands postpone your sale date, stops the auction and keeps you in your home.

Trustee Sale Delay Postponement Program:

-No upfront cost.  If we are not able to postpone the sale we will not charge you.
-You can continue working on a modification, short sale or any other workout program with the lender while we are postponing your sale date. 

New home and keys

-You just want to stay in the house for as long as possible and don’t want to move or rent a new apartment or house.

You can legally challenge your Trustee’s ability to foreclose. This can easily triple the amount of time that a trustee can take to complete the foreclosure process. It doesn’t work from the lender side at all. This purely focuses on the trustee side of a foreclosure sale.

YOU may qualify if:

buletiThe Trustee Sale Date is 30 days or less from now.

buletiEven if you have been denied for a loan modification or a temporary restraining order was lifted.

buletiYou need more time to facilitate a short sale, regular sale or loan modification.

buletiYou are renting from a landlord or losing your home that you want to stay in for as long as possible.