A Loan modification can feel like an overwhelming process. But our REST Report helps simplify and streamline your application. When making a proposal, time is precious. Avoid rejections with accurate figures and thorough documentation.

As a supplement to your application, the REST Report enhances your application and increases the likelihood of acceptance. On average, our customized software reduces the time of the bank review period by up to 50 percent. Your eligibility to receive government assistance through REST (Home Affordable Modification program) will be clearly established.

Benefit From the REST Report

The report includes key information to strengthen your application:

  • Confirmation that you meet all HAMP requirements set forth by the Treasury.
  • NPV or National Price Value analysis to illustrate how your proposal meets specifications and benefits lenders.
  • A loan proposal based on HAMP guidelines that shows potential losses for the bank from foreclosure.

The calculator utilized by the REST Report works with a fail-safe formula. Essential variables are taken into account, including disposition costs and home price appreciation. Together, we can quickly evaluate cost benefit.