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Our advanced proven process for repairing your credit is one of the most effective in the industry, which is why clients of the our legal credit restoration program begin receiving results of investigations in as little as 45 days from their start of service.

Lowest Fees in the Industry, Guaranteed:

Our Law Office is one of the only attorney-led credit repair programs that will take actions within 48 hours,  we charge clients an initial retainer fee to start the process and a low fixed monthly processing fee until the desired credit score is achieved. Our clients get to view the entire credit repair process and fico score increase real time via our state of the art client online portal.

Our credit repair services are backed by a performance based *REFUND POLICY and clients can always cancel at anytime.

Items Addressed Include:
Equifax, Transunion, Experian

NOW is the time for action:

Your credit report and scores have emerged as the most important pieces of financial information regarding your financial worthiness and capabilities. Our attorney led team are absolute experts at using all available applicable laws to work to optimize your credit in order to repair your credit and therefore positively impact your credit scores in full compliance with your powerful rights provided to you under the FCRA.


As a consumer advocacy law firm we are fully equipped and very confident that if you need assistance in working to repair your credit you have found the right partner. Our attorney led team responsible for working to repair your credit is comprised of some of the most experienced and dedicated professionals in the industry standing by ready to help you work to accomplish your goals. Your credit report and scores mean everything, so let’s get to work!

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