The strain of excessive debt can affect all aspects of your life. Creditors may threaten you constantly and fear for your family’s future can be overwhelming. Worst of all, you may not understand the nature of the debt you face. Some debts may be discharged and a specialized attorney can educate you about the options available.

LA Legal Law Firm attorneys are experienced in legal approaches to debt relief. Whether loan modification, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, or other means are appropriate. We are committed to evaluating on a client to client basis, offering practical ideas and negotiating on your behalf for a second chance.

Debt that is Non dischargeable

By filing a bankruptcy case appropriate to your circumstances, some debt may be discharged. Unfortunately, there are some debts that are non dischargeable must be dealt with. They include:

  • Child support and spousal support
  • Debt related to fraud
  • Some personal injury judgments
  • Some tax debt
  • Student loans

Classifying Debt

When we evaluate your case, we can help you understand which debts can be discharged and which must be addressed with a payment plan. if you are still paying off a student loan, owe monthly child support, have excessive credit card debt, or money owed due to a medical procedure, you may qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Through a Chapter 7 the credit card debt could be wiped away, however the child support and student loans are non dischargeable and must be paid over a reasonable payment plan.

Even a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a great benefit at reorganizing debt and making a feasible repayment plan for a period of three to five years.

Every case is unique and there are consequences to any debt relief plan. But honest homeowners deserve a fresh start. A consultation with our attorneys is the first step towards freedom.