For businesses and high net worth individuals, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows you to manage the process, protect assets and discharge debt. The process involves debt reorganization and the establishment of a repayment plan. Chapter 11 can also provide lien stripping services to help you reorganize and strip a significant portion of debt off of the properties of the estate.

After your petition is filed, an automatic stay against foreclosure and collection efforts will be issued immediately. You then become a debtor in possession. As your own fiduciary, you are granted the rights and powers to administrate the bankruptcy.

We will help account for all property, examine each claim against you, and develop a practical payment plan. Whether it’s a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or family property that is threatened, expertise in legal matters is essential.

Your relationship with creditors will be skillfully managed. We can retrieve recent payments and keep your business functioning in order to meet the terms of your reorganization.